En accion 2. Guia del profesor

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Автор: Abia Belen Garcia

En la Guia del profesor se ofrecen, junto a sugerencias de explotacion del libro del alumno, otras actividades que complementan la secuencia didactica (actividades de precalentamiento, de transicion, de cierre de la sesion, para variar), asi como actividades para realizar fuera del aula y sugerencias de preparacion al DELE incial …

The Age of Innocence (+ Audio CD)

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Автор: Wharton Edith

Into the narrow social world of New York in the 1870s comes Countess Ellen Olenska, surrounded by shocked whispers about her failed marriage to a rich Polish Count. A woman who leaves her husband can never be accepted in polite society. Newland Archer is engaged to young May Welland, but …

The Sherlock: The Puzzle Book

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Автор: Maslanka Christopher

Can you pit your wits against the best and the wisest? Through these 200 puzzles and challenges, you’ll be able to elevate your powers of deduction, detection and general brilliance. From codes and sequences to perceptual and logic problems, there are puzzles for all levels, from beginner to expert. With …

Addition and Subtraction Ages 7-9

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This practice book will build essential skills through activity-packed fun. The activities are designed to give children a real sense of achievement. This helps to boost their confidence and develop good learning habits for life. This fun range of Maths and English activity books really helps to boost your child’s …

Superlight. Lightness in Contemporary Houses

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Автор: Richardson Phyllis

One of the most influential design philosophies of the past 25 years has been Glenn Murcutt’s dictum that buildings should touch the earth lightly. While architects have always sought to liberate architecture from its solid foundations through the use of new materials and spatial reconfigurations, climate change, new materials and …

Historias de San Petersburgo

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Автор: Gogol N.

Bajo el título genérico de «Historias de San Petersburgo» se reúnen los cinco relatos breves más sobresalientes de la obra de Nikolái Gógol (1809-1852), vinculados por el nexo común de estar situados en la capital de la Rusia imperial. Junto a piezas tan célebres como «La nariz» y «El abrigo», …

White Fang

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Автор: Jack London

White Fang is a wolf from the mountains of Canada. His life is hard but he is happy in his world. Then he is taken to the world of men. There he learns to fight and to kill. White Fang knows nothing about love. But one day he meets Scott…

Communicate Listening and Speaking Skills 2: Student’s Book

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Автор: Pickering Kate

Communicate is a two-book video-based communication course specially written to improve listening and speaking skills for English students in upper-secondary classes. The course covers the areas such as English in the personal sphere, English at work, academic English and English in a public or social context.